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Our suppliers
  We work hard with our suppliers to make sure that a Domino’s Pizza has the best possible ingredients in it. We will be regularly updating this page with further details on our suppliers.

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Domino's Commissary

Domino’s has three commissaries – these are the places where we make the fresh dough balls for our regular crust pizza bases.

We don’t use any frozen dough to make a regular crust pizza. We also store all the other toppings and side orders that make up the Domino’s menu at these commissaries and deliver it to our stores three times each week. The commissaries are at Milton Keynes and Penrith in England and Naas in the Republic of Ireland. Our regular crust dough is made in line with Domino’s secret recipe to ensure a delicious fluffy bake every time, ensuring you get the best possible base for the best possible pizza.

  Dough making
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